designer + illustrator

he's studious, smart, and handsome as heck. when it comes to illustration and design james is a next level champion. when it comes to everything else, don't even mess with this guy. an overall spicy meatball. 


designer + photographer

she's the BEST advertising and design student at ACAD and her bible is "layout essentials" which means she's ultra-talented. she's so cool that if coolness were a pinata we'd hit her with a stick until she puked candy. 



she is hong kong's pre-eminent spatial designer. her public installations have appeared all over south china, so if you've ever sat on a ridiculously beautiful bench chances are she made it. she's also so hot that she cries molten-lava. 



he's a creative type. let's leave it at that. oh, and he is good at making logos. 

harro! is an international design group. we have made everything from logos to tables to fonts to mugs to websites.

here is the dog the company is named after. 


our rise and f*cking shine mug is being distributed across the world from china to canada to switzerland to the USA!

in terms of design principles 

we believe that:


creativity is not politically correct, that form follows function, that you might as well feck perfucktion, that modernism is sexy, that you need to take risks and that bright colors are fun. 

we are primarily focused on helping startups and entrepreneurs look as rad as their ideas are.


we also take on larger corporate clients, but only if they are open to new, weird, cool, fun ideas.


so we might test you by asking you to stand on your desk and shout "that's a spicy meat ball" at the top of your lungs if we don't think you're cool enough.


then there is our product design, like fonts and shirts and our next-level coffee mugs. 

harro! is named after linda huyhn's dog. what she named it after we have no idea. 

​to get something made send a note to jack@harro.ca or go to our hire us page.

​we're always looking for help with freelance projects.


send your resume and your portfolio and of course your favorite WWII general to us at:




he expertly brings home the bacon so our designers can keep designing. he also speaks mandarin which helps when talking to mandarin speaking 

clients. we made him sign his contract on a napkin in blood. so he's braver than most.



meet ashu. this badass sold jewelry in hong kong like a champ and has since made a name for himself as the mayor of sea world, shenzhen. he helps with accounts and brings in clients like kwazy.



he's a social media legend in russia and he's also just a whiz kid when it comes to market research in general. meet vadim. we pay him in scraps

but he's cool with it. 

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